Knight at HOME at the Movies
Comedies In Which OUR PEOPLE Add Immensely To The Fun

Four diverse comedies with non-stereotypical gay characters (for once), dark, darker, lighter, and lightest - all worth checking out in
this edition of DVD Recommendations.
Rocknrolla - From Warner Bros.  300's Gerard Butler and Thandie Newton head a great cast in this black comedy crime caper from
director Guy Ritchie.  A 2-disc edition includes a huge assortment of extras (and a digital copy to boot).  I love the subplot that
features one of Butler's fellow criminals coming out to him and his audacious reaction and a sexy dance between Butler and Newton.  
Fast, violent (natch), sexy (tons o'male eye candy in this one), and
lots of fun.   

Zack and Miri Make a Porno – From Weinstein.  Released the same week as Rocknrolla, Kevin Smith's wacky film is lots of
tawdry fun and again, features positive portrayals of gay characters.  Smith delivers the unthinkable - a romantic comedy for straight
guys!  The results are
unpredictable and funny.  The 2-disc edition has lots of behind the scenes footage which fans of the real life
porno actress cast in the film will definitely appreciate (I myself could have used some Brandon Routh-Justin Long deleted scenes!).

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist – From Sony.  With this frenetic comedy, the above two pictures and a fourth, Tropic Thunder, I
was pleased to report that at last movies aimed at Hollywood's primary base - straight adult males - seemed to at last be headed in
the direction of positive portrayals of its gay characters.  This trend so pleased me I added it to my annual list of
2008 GLBT Best
Movies.  Nick & Norah has much more going for it than that, however.  It's a ribald teenage comedy with a winning performance by its
two leads and wacky supporting cast.  Sweet and funny.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona – From Weinstein.  Woody Allen's sexy souffle set in luscious Barcelona is a delightful menage given
lots of oomph from the sensational Penelope Cruz as Javier Bardem's sexy ex-wife.  Scarlett Johansson, Allen's current muse plays
the comely gal that turns them both on.