Knight at HOME at the Movies
Four for Fall

Four terrifically entertaining movies as we head into late fall in this edition of DVD Recommendations.
Every Little Step - From Sony.  The making of A Chorus Line and the nail biting, lengthy casting process of the revival is the basis
for this
fascinating, entertaining documentary that I think is the best of the year.  James D. Stern and Adam Del Deo's movie is
packed with one tremendous sequence after another (and it's NOT just for Broadway babies either!).  The disc has a lot more
outtake footage - audio excerpts from the original reel-to-reel tapes and a must see sequence about the show's director-
choreographer-instigator the late Michael Bennett.  This is the "One" to get!

Pageant – From Wolfe Video.  A talent contest of a very different sort but also very entertaining.  This wacky little, behind the
scenes movie tracks the 52 drag queen contestants vying for the "Miss Gay America" title.  Full of the expected hilarious bitchery and
surprisingly, plenty of heart.

Whatever Works – From Sony.  The teaming of anxiety, cranky prone Woody Allen and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David
seemed to have been written in the stars and this collaboration between director-writer and star is like a mega version of Allen's
patented comedies (young lovely comes under the spell of old crank, etc.).  Evan Rachel Wood as the young lovely and supporting
turns by Patricia Clarkson and Ed Harris help push this familiar comedy upward (as does Allen returning to his beloved Manhattan
locale).  David's argumentative shtick has worn out its welcome for me with regard to Curb but plopped down in Woody's world with
new characters to scream expletives at it works surprisingly well.

Up – From Disney-Pixar.  Pixar does it again with this heartfelt addition to their long winning streak.  A bereft, cranky widower
(voiced with great aplomb by Ed Asner) plans to literally soar up into the heavens (thanks to a zillion balloons attached to the top of
his house) never to be seen again but an unplanned stowaway, a plucky Boy Scout and a "talking" dog "ruin" his plans and give him
a new lease on life.  Entertaining for the adults and the kiddies - the best kind of children's fare.  I can't report on the special
features as Disney only provides Blu-Ray editions for review and I don't have Blu-Ray (and I ain't upgrading - so there) but the
movie alone is worth adding to your collection via the single edition DVD.