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Four Favorites for a Midsummer Night's Eve

Four recent favorite films - all worth checking out in this edition of DVD Recommendations.
Grey Gardens - From HBO.  Out writer-director Michael Sucsy's wondrous debut film with Emmy nominated performances from Drew
Barrymore and Jessica Lange as the two Edies.  If HBO had released this in theatres, the 17 Emmy nods the film received could have
translated into Oscar gold.  A short backstory featurette is included.  As good the fifth time as the first.

Inkheart – From New Line.  Brendan Fraser stars in another fantasy adventure for the family and it's a terrific Sunday afternoon
matinee choice.  What's not to love about a film that revolves around the powerful magic of books and features Helen Mirren, Paul
Bettany, Jim Broadbent, and Andy Sirkis?  Overlooked in theatres, I suspect this will find a beloved place in the DVD library - next to
the many classic children's adventure stories it references.  A delightful surprise.

The Edge of Love – From Image Entertainment.  Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller swirl around Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters) as
poet Dylan Thomas - and each other - in this overlooked, visually lush period romance. Cillian Murphy (who played gay in Breakfast
on Pluto) is also on hand as Knightly's soldier husband who spoils the menage a trois the three free spirits are enjoying.  Sexy as
hell and not just for the lesbian ladies (who will most definitely enjoy the tete a tete between Knightley and Miller)

Confessions of a Shopaholic – From Touchstone Entertainment.  I didn't have much use for yet another variation on The Devil
Wears Prada
when I saw it in the theatre but a second look at home on DVD - to appease my fashion mad husband - lightened my
regard for this whisper thin rom com which stars Isla Fisher and the petite dreamboat Hugh Dancy.  The two-disc version includes the
expected closetful of featurettes and a digital copy is also included.