Knight at HOME at the Movies
Halloween for Everybody!

Four VERY different types of Halloween movies in this edition of DVD Recommendations.
Drag Me to Hell - From Universal.  Sam Raimi, of the infamous Evil Dead trilogy returns to his roots with this terrific, alternately
gross, funny, and suspenseful thriller.  As gypsy curse movies goes, this is the one!!!  Includes an even grosser unrated version!

Orphan – From Warner Bros.  Bad seed little Esther takes no prisoners in this camp horror movie of the year - as I noted HERE I
knew my Halloween party guests would love this diabolical little gem - and boy did they ever!

The William Castle Film Collection – From Sony.  Producer turned film director William Castle - he of the horror gimmicks -
left behind a legacy of bland to surprisingly good fright flicks.  Eight of them are represented in this handsome 5-disc collection (they
13 Frightened Girls, 13 Ghosts, Homicidal, Strait-Jacket, The Old Dark House, Mr. Sardonicus, The Tingler, and Zotz!).  Joan Crawford
fans, of course, have long been familiar with the camp delights of Strait Jacket and Vincent Price fans know how truly creepy and
The Tingler - with a terrific, wordless performance by Judith Evelyn - is.  But the inclusion of lesser known Castle films like
Sardonicus (a nice variation on Eyes Without a Face) and the lesser known campy Dark House with Tom Poston are a nice addition to
this welcome set.  Low grade but entertaining chills await.  For those wanting a not so scary Halloween film, this set has a batch to
pick from.  Several nice special features as well.

Bedknobs & Broomsticks – From Walt Disney.  Here's one for the kiddies (of all ages!) - Disney's charming 1971 musical
fantasy - a sort of latter day Mary Poppins complete with David Tomlinson, three adorable pint size children and Angela Lansbury
stepping in for Julie Andrews as a mail order witch who finds she has a knack for witchery.  Set during WWII in the English
countryside in an old castle, there's plenty of Disney backlot atmosphere, sugary songs and magical special effects to keep the little
ones entertained.  Many extras on this new "Enchanted Musical Edition" as well.