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Four Great Movies

Four great movies with only that in common - all worth checking out in this edition of DVD Recommendations.
Milk - From Universal Studios.  I loved this DVD so much I wrote a whole column about it.  Read it and then go get it!

Rachel Getting Married – From Sony Pictures Classics.  Another one of my favorites from 2008 arrives on DVD with several nice
featurettes.  It's a return to form for Jonathan Demme, features a career altering performance from Anne Hathaway and includes the
return to film from Debra Winger - more than enough to put this one in the plus category.

Let The Right One In – From Magnolia Home Entertainment.  Did you think you'd ever see a new variation on the classic vampire
flick?  At this late date?!  Me either which makes this little atmospheric horror thriller such a gem.  Grab it!

Cadillac Records – From Sony Pictures.  The entertaining story of Chess Records, the original blues label that spawned rock-n-
roll.  Great music and great performances from Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright and yes, even Beyonce who is memorable playing Etta
James, strung out on junk and miserable (it will remind you of Diana Ross in
Lady Sings the Blues).