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TV Vampires

Plenty to bite into here (sorry!) - four titles worth checking out in this edition of DVD Recommendations.
True Blood Season One - From HBO.  Gay writer-director-producer Allan Ball's sexy, atmospheric vampire series for HBO is hot,
hot, hot - packed to the gills with sexy leading men, sassy straight and gay characters and enough twists and turns plot-wise to keep
viewers riveted.  The Louisiana bayou locations and smokin' soundtrack add to the sultriness.  Can't
wait for Season Two!

Moonlight – From Warner Home Video. This one season effort from CBS had a fair amount of suspense and okay episodes not to
mention a really hot looking vampire (Alex O'Loughlin) in the leading role.

The Hunger - Season One – From E1 Entertainment.  Though Tony Scott, director of the 1983 vampire flick created this 1997
series with brother Ridley this has NOTHING to do with the Bowie-Deneuve-Sarandon film.  But like that paragon of early 80s cool,
this is one steamy little series (it played on Showtime) and features episodes with future box office stars Daniel Craig, Lena Headey,
and others.  An erotic vampire series with plenty of gore tossed in for gore porn fans.  Each episode is introduced by Terrence Stamp
(Bowie himself took over the intros for Season Two which will presumably follow).

Dark Shadows (Revival Series) – From MGM.  While we're waiting for Johnny Depp and Tim Burton to get around to their big
screen adaptation of the classic gothic soap opera series, delve into this stylish 1991 attempt to revive the series.  Ben Cross,
currently on screen as Spock's father in the new Star Trek film, takes on the iconic role of Barnabas Collins, the lovelorn vampire.  
Jean Simmons stars as the matriarch of the Collins family, heading a rather comely cast.