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Four for Fall

We're heading into fall and these four titles are a nice way to bid adieu to summer in this edition of DVD Recommendations.
Valentino: The Last Emperor - From Phase 4 Films.  If you haven't figured out over the past months from the number of
recommendations, my interview with the film's director
Matt Tyrnauer, and my original review of the film how much I love this
documentary than perhaps you need yet another reminder to go get the DVD now that it's available.  Here it is.  Go!

Easy Virtue – From Sony.  Jessica Biel heads up an English cast that puts her through the paces in this fast and fun roaring 20s
comedy from the pen of Noel Coward.  
I liked it, the jazz baby arrangements on the soundtrack, and the film's witty style.

Duplicity – From Warner Home Video.  Though I had some problems with Michael Clayton's too clever script, there's enough eye
candy (Julia Roberts, Clive Owen) and ear candy here to make this an easy recommendation for home viewing.

The Informers – From Senator.  I'm totally against the current with this one but after a second viewing I stand by my previous,
laudatory assessment and further, think that this visit to Brett Easton Ellis land will stand the test of time.  Even if this is not your
thing, the movie's still enjoyable in the junky way pictures like this usually are.  So get out your Wang Chung and join me inside the
pleasure dome!