Soundtracks are a lot more than movie music...

...or so I'm ready to argue as a 30 year devotee of this sorely under appreciated genre.  So, in an effort to do my part, each week
I'll be making recommendations of soundtracks current and vintage, make a fuss over long awaited soundtrack scores finally getting
a well deserved release, and in general, make some noise about this often overlooked category.  Beyond my long experience as a
listener and as a pianist and songwriter, both of which I've put to use in writing a quarterly soundtrack column for the
Tribune, I can only offer my recommendations.  You'll discern my taste soon enough and upfront I'd like to make it clear that I'll
focus most heavily on SCORE soundtracks.  In the end, all criticism is subjective but if I can point a listener toward a little heard
soundtrack or strongly advise you to either ORDER IMMEDIATELY or SKIP ALTOGETHER, all the better.
A recommendation to coincide with my latest Classics DVD Roundup...

It's my first all mp3 download only soundtrack compilation recommendation
so you know it's gotta be a good one.  The release of the tremendous
Valentino: The Last Emperor documentary once again reminds soundtrack
enthusiasts about the wonderful long term collaboration between the late
Italian film director Federico Fellini and his composer of choice Nino Rota
(the Valentino movie utilizes many of Rota's compositions on its
soundtrack).  Rota's music is as integral to Fellini's fantastic vision as
Bernard Herrmann's was to Hitchcock's.  
The Ultimate Best of Fellini &
Rota collects highlights from their collaboration including the preeminent La
Dolce Vita suite, Juliet of the Spirits, La Strada, Amarcord, Toby Dammit
(one of my favorites), and all the others.  There are an equal number of
dark and perky delights and the entire compilation can be had for a mere
$6.99  Best - these are the ORIGINALS, not re-recorded versions by one of
those dreadful foreign orchestras that are willing if not particularly gifted in
their playing.  Enjoy!


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The CD soundtrack cover and compser
Nino Rota.