Soundtracks are a lot more than movie music...

...or so I'm ready to argue as a 30 year devotee of this sorely under appreciated genre.  So, in an effort to do my part, each week
I'll be making recommendations of soundtracks current and vintage, make a fuss over long awaited soundtrack scores finally getting
a well deserved release, and in general, make some noise about this often overlooked category.  Beyond my long experience as a
listener and as a pianist and songwriter, both of which I've put to use in writing a quarterly soundtrack column for the
Tribune, I can only offer my recommendations.  You'll discern my taste soon enough and upfront I'd like to make it clear that I'll
focus most heavily on SCORE soundtracks.  In the end, all criticism is subjective but if I can point a listener toward a little heard
soundtrack or strongly advise you to either ORDER IMMEDIATELY or SKIP ALTOGETHER, all the better.
Just a quick recommendation this time out...

After interviewing
Harry Connick, Jr. in connection with his role in the 2009
romantic comedy New In Town, I'm reminded of the tremendous impact his
sultry vocals had when first brought to prominence in 1989's
When Harry
Met Sally.  Connick's smooth handling of a raft of standards, especially "It
Had To Be You" once again brought nostalgia for standards back to the
charts and launched Connick (rightfully) into the national arena.  Though
many a reviewer has carped that the versions of the classics that Connick
sings on the "official" soundtrack aren't heard in the movie, these are,
nevertheless, sublime renditions and the soundtrack's a winner for fans of
big band jazz, standards, and obviously the dreamy Sinatra-like vocals of
Mr. Connick, Jr.


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The soundtrack cover and Mr. Connick
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