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Dwayne Johnson heads up a Disney remake - an action blockbuster for kids
Get 'Em While They're Young:
Race to Witch Mountain
3-13-09 "Knight Thoughts" web exclusive
By Richard Knight, Jr.
The picture itself isn't much more than Ho Hum but it mimicked so perfectly adult fare that the following became my overriding

All I kept thinking as I watched this mildly entertaining Disney retread was, "get 'em while their young."  In other words, all the
elements for a spectacular action picture ala The Fugitive, Eagle Eye, etc. are here - but everything is scaled for the kiddies. Car
chases, train crashes, alien encounters, guns and other weapons - familiar devices from dozens of Big Kid action flicks are used
copiously throughout but though violence is preeminent here not a single drop of blood is spilled, no one gets hurt (really) and
everything seems to come out okay.  Talk about indoctrination!  Hey kids!  Let's grab a gun and go chase kick some alien butt!

Just yuck, yuck on every level.

And the Rock, um, I mean Dwayne Johnson, doesn't even take his shirt off.  What the hell kind of movie is that for God's sake?!  
That's just wrong.