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Part Two of the Narnia series emphasizes war and ditches the fantasy
This is a Kids Movie?:
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
5-16-08 "Knight Thoughts" web exclusive review
By Richard Knight, Jr.
Hey kids!  Forget those fluffy badgers, cuddly fawns, that evil but glamorous witch and that God-like lion – who wants to see a war
movie made just for you?!?  Even though there’s little or no blood, you’re still going to get battle scene after battle scene, lots of
people and fantasy creatures speared by arrows, hacked down by swords, and pummeled with flying boulders.  Plus! there’s a nifty
one on one fight scene between a blond teenager and a man three times his age that will have you chirping, “Off with his head!”

You’re in luck – moments later someone’s head DOES get cut off – though we don’t get to see the actual head being chopped off.  
Too bad.

Okay, okay, I know, you get the point.  To say that I had problems with
Prince Caspian, the second film in The Chronicles of Narnia
saga is like saying that Tom Cruise and Clay Aiken have public relations issues.  Almost from the moment the four Pevensie siblings
are whisked back to magical Narnia, the storyline, which involves them restoring the throne to young hottie Prince Caspian from his
evil uncle, revolves around gut busting battle scenes.  The moments of magic, whimsy and fantasy are so brief they are like a drop
of water on the desert.  And worse, Aslan the lion is kept offstage until the last moment, and a brief, tantalizing hope that Tilda
Swinton as the White Witch will return is quickly scuttled.

I had my reservations about the battle which ended
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, part one of the series, but that pales in
comparison to the emphasis on the bloodlust that pervades
Prince Caspian.  If this is a movie for children than I can only guess the
filmmakers had Donald Rumsfeld’s grandkids in mind when they made it.