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The sex starved hunks from Another Gay Movie return (sort of) and Chad Allen's gay detective takes on another case
Here’s what I wrote about Another Gay Movie in August of 2006:

Another Gay Movie, a queer cross between American Pie and a male Little Darlings, is a fizzy, brainless waste of time that’s the cinematic
equivalent of one of those impossible to drink frozen summer concoctions they’re always pushing at the bars this time of year. You don’t really
want to drink the Strawberry Twisty Frizz Whirly Freeez Tassle Von Frozen Frappe with 26 different kinds of fruity vodka but what the hell? You’re
out with your gal pals, looking to get laid or at the very least have a good time. Why not lay down the $12.50 for the two ounce shot cause you
wanna get liquored up quick and have some fun already?

That’s the kind of picture Another Gay Movie is. The plot revolves around a quartet of four “loser” high school friends determined to lose their
anal virginity before summer ends and their big dyke friend’s latest orgy/party. These four take to their assignment like ducks to water and
before you can say “K-Y” they’ve all reached their goal. Crude and about as funny as the straight gross out sex obsessed teen comedies,
Another Gay Movie is also just about two steps away from out and out gay porn.

But for a movie which I approached with such low expectations, I laughed a lot more than I anticipated and there’s a lot of hunky eye candy to
pass the time. That, and a bevy of gay guest stars like Lypsinka, Graham Norton, Scott Thompson, and a perky theme song sung by what
sounds like a technically altered Nancy Sinatra make this a good way to kick off an evening’s entertainment.

So two years later, what’s different about Another Gay Sequel?  Well, other than substituting three of the four original leading
men with similar handsome specimens (Jonah Blechman as Nico, the nellie of the group is the only returnee) and sending our sex
loving quartet vacationing in sunny Florida, not much.  The movie has the same candy colored visuals, another gallery of gay
celebrities – RuPaul, Lady Bunny, Perez Hilton, Scott Thompson, some gay porn stars in cameos (Colton Ford, Michael Lucas, Brent
Corrigan), and a lot more movie parodies tucked into the brainless plot (this time we get
The Wizard of Oz, What Ever Happened to Baby
, Showgirls, 10, and Mommie Dearest).  There’s even a blatant variation on Heathers with a trio of beautiful but bad boys who
compete with our leading quartet.

The plot is again whisper thin and centers on the lads trying to win a hot slut contest by having sex with as many partners as
possible (this ain’t exactly a movie for those into abstinence).  Will our guys out do the nasty Jaspers in the sleaze department?  
Will threeways add or detract from the relationship of the hunk and his nerd boyfriend (signified by his glasses)?  Will the power
bottom ever get the cute Hispanic guy to tap his booty?  Will Nico ever get laid?  These are the weighty questions the movie poses
and director-writer Todd Stephens (also returning for a second go round) knows that this brainless, horndog stuff is just what his
audience wants and he makes sure plenty of hot, simulated sex arrives like clockwork and that the screen is filled with enough male
eye candy to keep even the most finicky queen salivating.  There’s also a very funny gay twist on zombie pictures set in a
bathhouse, a “Singin’ in the Rain” type musical number that finds Nico praising the glories of golden showers, and even Nancy
Sinatra returns to sing another perky theme song.

Though the
Another Gay Sequel is not particularly funny (the laugh out loud moments are the exception rather than the rule) and
though the movie embraces a little too heartily for my tastes the gross out stuff (a vomit scene is directly cribbed from “Little Britain”
and there’s an overdose of references to crabs, Hershey highways, etc.), there’s enough vitality, frolicking and genuine shameless
good will to recommend a return visit.


Gay actor Chad Allen who has played gay detective Donald Strachey in three previous outings for the Here! channel returns this week
in a fourth,
Ice Blues: A Donald Strachey Mystery.  In this outing, which quickly follows on the heels of On the Other Hand
Death (which is still playing on Here! and featured a crack performance from Margot Kidder), Strachey’s lover Timmy (Sebastian
Spence) at last becomes central to the plot.  A pet charity of Timmy’s, who plays an aid to a senator (the action is set in Albany, New
York), suddenly loses its funding.  No problem for dynamo Tim who quickly starts raising money to save the charity, a group of safe
harbors for homeless kids.  Tim is approached by a young man who claims to represent an anonymous donor who’s ready to pony
up $3 million but the young man ends up being murdered by a mysterious assailant on the spot.  When Tim receives a package with
$3 million in untraceable bonds and the young man’s body ends up in Strachey’s car suddenly Tim’s life is in danger and Strachey
has a hot case.

As usual, director Ron Oliver keeps the action moving right along and though the case itself is rather standard issue,
Ice Blues is
entertaining enough fare, enlivened by Allen in the lead role.  As the distracted Strachey he again turns in a deft performance (and
Sherry Miller again playing an anguished mother as she did on “Queer As Folk” is a standout) but I wish that the script called for
more intimate moments between Strachey and Tim.  Ironically, given that the case revolves around Strachey’s lover, who has
remained in the background in previous outings, this episode offers the least amount of heat between the two actors.  A hotel love
scene between the duo was the perfect chance for Oliver to gives us a little man on man action but the camera chastely turns away.  
Perhaps the next edition will find Strachey solving the mystery of the camera shy gay couple!
Gay x Two Redux:
Another Gay Sequel-Ice Blues: A Donald Strachey Mystery
9-1-08 Knight at the Movies Column
By Richard Knight, Jr.