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The appeal of the perky little Naked Boys Singing! is evident from the poster, cast member Joe Souza a/k/a My Joe coyly attired
I want to tell you about my latest movie star crush.  The object of my fantasies (this time) isn’t perhaps as well known to my
readership as Brad, George, Jake, Jude, or the entire cast of
300.  Nevertheless, there’s something about my darling, doe-eyed Joe
Souza that has made him stand out from all those other movie star wannabes.  There’s a certain something that Joe has on screen
that has set him apart from the film star herd that has placed him high, high, high in my personal firmament where I plan to keep
him for a long time.  First, he’s devastatingly handsome with large green eyes and dark hair.  Second, he has one of those sensual
movie star mouths and the requisite chiseled cheek bones to go with it.  Not to mention, of course, quite the physique.  And is my
Joe talented!  He sings, he dances, he’s funny and boy does he hold focus whenever he’s on camera.  You see, what really sets my
Joe apart from the pack is that in his debut movie he’s entirely naked – every beautiful inch of him.  It’s in a little frivolous endeavor
Naked Boys Singing! that you can see my Joe and the rest of his cast mates strut all the junk they’ve got in their trunks.  
It’s a movie that should be seen by every red blooded American gay male and male physique objectifier in the world.

For reasons I can’t quite put my finger on, I never made the trek to see the long running stage production (which ran not just here in
Chicago but around the entire free world it seems).  Perhaps the immediacy of the nakedness to the audience just wasn’t for me but
safely up there on the screen, every base instinct in my mind is allowed free range.  The movie is a filmed production of the show
and isn’t particularly well made – the sound level in particular is distorted and the post dubbing distracting – but the material itself is
winning and presented exuberantly.  Songs about cleaning house in the nude, the anxiety of trying to prevent a boner in the locker
room, and more are charm deluxe.  There’s even a love ballad – a song about an unrequited lust between a voyeur and his hunky
neighbor.  And of course there’s my Joe – every inch of him – who expertly performs a number about having a bris.  

There are 14 songs in all and the peppy material was honed by none other than gay icon
Bruce Vilanch.  I understand that the movie
version alters the physicality of the stage productions – where men of all sizes, shapes, and colors were featured.  
NBS! the movie
veers from that formula.  We get rather fetching guys – no large and lovelies, no shapeless human pears but you’ll hear no
complaints from this department for the smart decision to go with men with hot physiques, the producers and director apparently
understanding that the essence of film is objectification and transference.  That’s a fancy way of saying that our subconscious
responds enthusiastically to the cultures current standard of beauty.

Naked Boys Singing! clocks in at around 90 minutes – the perfect length for this sweet little, über sexy pastiche and plenty of time for
you to also fall madly in lust with
My Joe.
Fan Male:
Naked Boys Singing!
11-14-07 Windy City Times Knight at the Movies Column
By Richard Knight, Jr.