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DVD Recommendations

Back to 1976: A Star Is Born-Sparkle

Little Miss Sunshine-The Devil Wears Prada-Bad Santa

Perry Mason Season 1, Vol. 2-That Girl Season 2-Golden Girls
Season 6

Pirates of the Caribbean 2-Superman Returns-Taylor & Burton
boxed set

Marlon Brando-Paul Newman-Gary Cooper Boxed Sets

Andy Warhol-Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema-Hate Crime

The Little Mermaid-X Men: The Last Stand-Thank You For

Motion Picture Masterpieces Collection-Inside the Actor's Studio
Icons-Humphrey Bogart Signature Collection Volume 2

The Addams Family-Monster House-Nightmares & Dreamscapes

The Texas Chain Saw Massacare-Rest Stop-Elvira's Movie

Let's Scare Jessica To Death-The Other-Icons of Horror: Karloff

Hellbent-Dracula-Frankenstein 75th Anniversary Editions

Serving in Silence-The Lake House-Grease

Dick Cavett-Hollywood Legends-Desperate Housewives
2-Commander in Chief 2

Ballets Russes-Kinky Boots-Pretty Poison

Friends With Money-Double Indemnity-Shock Treatment

Barbra Streisand TV Specials

The Lost City-Chicken Tikka Masala-Mirage

Gay TV on DVD: Noah's Arc Season 1-Dante's Cove Season
1-Third Man Out

V for Vendetta-the Jayne Mansfield Collection

An Early Frost-Amazing Stories Season One

Mid-Summer Classics Round-Up

Perry Mason Vol. 1-Queer Duck the Movie

Commander in Chief Vol. 1-Boston Legal Season 1

Betty Grable Collection Vol. 1-Charlie Chan Volume 1-Failure to

GLBT-Themed Releases for Pride Month

Ladies of TV

Testosterone! Butch Cassidy-Before the Fall-Gay Sex in the 70s

Bette Davis Collection, Vol. 2-Mommie Dearest-Marilyn at 80

Transamerica-White Countess-Night Stalker

Funny Girls-Funny Boys

The Poseidon Adventure-The Towering Inferno Special Editions

Bodacious Boxed Sets

Aeon Flux-Event Horizon SE-Star Trek: Borg Collective

MGM Musicals from the Dream Factory Boxed Set and Guys &
Dolls Deluxe Edition

Moonstruck-Breakfast on Pluto-Undertaking Betty

Easter Movies: The Ten Commandments-Films of Faith
Collection-Easter Parade

The Chronicles of Narnia-Chicken Little-Howl's Moving Castle

Brokeback Mountain

Mel Brooks Boxed Set and other Camp Comedies Galore

Capote-The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo-The Dying Gaul

Harry Potter 4 and Lady and the Tramp

A Batch of Oscar Winners come to DVD

Winter Recommendations - Part One

Valentine's Day Recommendations

American Idol: The Best And Worst (Seasons 1-4)

The Judy Garland Television Show

Film Noir Recommendations

Fall Boxed Sets-Holiday Picks Part Two

Holiday Picks Part One

Halloween Recommendations

Early Fall Recommendations

Late Summer Recommendations